Working for Al-Othman Companies Group, is a great opportunity to explore the different industries that Al-Othman leads on. Participating in these various fields of: Construction, production, packaging, agricultural, metal, IT, travel & tourism, food & beverage, hospitality, and oil & gas, has led Al-Othman Holding to be one of the key-players in supporting Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region Economy. The company’s workforce includes more than 5000 employees from over 30 different nationalities. The diversified work environment at Al-Othman Holding encourages us to be growing positively along with the globalization. Al-Othman Holding offers a training program that compliance with the company standards.

Hiring Process

Step 1

Send Application: Create an account to submit your application through the website. Upload your resume, transcripts and certificates; and fill up all the necessary information.

Step 2

CV Screening: Recruitment Department will evaluate all received applications in relation to the qualification required for the vacant position.

Step 3

Introductory Interview: Contact the proposed candidates for preliminary interview by HR representative.

Step 4

Pre-employment Examinations: Candidates who passed the introductory interview are made to undergo a series of tests that is related to the vacancies positions.

Step 5

Line Interviews: Candidates who passed the tests are then forwarded for further interview by the management members of the group or department where the vacancy exists. These may be panel or one-on-one interviews.

Step 6

Short Listing: A final short list of applicants will be generated after the Line Interviews. Those who belong to the list are made to undergo medical examinations to determine their state of health.

Step 7

Final Decision: Final Decision is made on the basis of the overall test, interview and medical examination result. The management team of the department where the vacancy exists will make a final decision.

Step 8

 Job Offer: The successful candidate is then called over for the offered package and if he/she accepted, an employment contract will be prepared.

We also wish to remind you of the following

A potential candidate should pass the previous step before he/she can proceed to the next step. The entire process, from step 1 to 8, approximately takes about 3 to 4 weeks to complete.